19 fevereiro 2015

Fifty Shades Of Grey is NOT about violence, it is about sadomasochism and love

Sadomasochism is not violence, go search, go to Wikipedia. A submissive has all the control. She or he sets their limits. A sub tells a dom what they will allow done. A sub says when to stop.

And the movie is not about Stalking, surprise is not ilegal, and Ana LOVE all that he does FOR PASSION, she never said stop follow me.

It is a single love story, it is not a "moral lesson", they do right, they do wrong, they are human. It is a UNIQUE Story, that ends so well. Ana allow herrself to experience new things, test her limits.

50 shades isn't a porno. It depicts one man's insecurity and need for control. It shows an inexperienced girl suddenly experiencing all these sensations and emotions. It shows one couple's epic love story, their pain, their lust, and their need for each other. They love each other, and their slowly admitting that to one another. If you can't see that past the physical attraction sex scenes, then you're too young to be reading this series in the first place.

The movie is awesome.
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