20 junho 2015

Researches shows that nearly 70% of console players, FPS and MMO are men

Feminists interested in technology has consistently complained that games (the most attacked are the action and shooting) in general, focus more on male audience than in females, and so are labeled as "sexist". They use the survey conducted by ESA, which last year revealed that 48% of the gamer audience is women. This year ESA survey said that number of women players has dropped to 44%.

What they fail to mention, is that ESA's research, both in 2014 and 2015, shows only the numbers based on games in general, not separating the preference for gender and genre. Their percentage ranges literally from GTA to Facebook's Farmville. The question is: would be wrong if the gaming industry and its marketing, turn more to the male audience? Recent researchs shows that definitely not. 

The figures come from two market research companies that reveal male and female preferences when choosing a game. The first survey was commissioned by the gaming site Joystick / Engadget , and shows that 66% of the audience of FPS games (firts person shooting) as Call Of Duty and Bioshock, and MMO (Online RPGs) as Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft, are men. 

In the Digital Console category (which involves games of all genres digitally purchased through video game consoles like Playstation and Xbox), men are 63% of the public. The study was conducted through some research conducted over the past year, and each time at least 1000 people were questioned. All the Methodology can be found here. The study was discussed at NeoGAF forum.

The survey also examines the genre of RPG audience in the United States (where the research took place), it says that 53.6% are women, who also represent the majority of mobile gaming market (Phones) with 57.8%.  

The other survey was conducted by Flurry in 2013, and also revealed the preference of game genres, for men and women, but this time only in mobile games. The graphics only confirm that men prefer genres that involve action, shooting and violence. This can be seen in the simple graph below, and read in detail here. 

It was also made ​​available the bar chart below, and detailed here. 

It just shows what any avid gamer already know, after all, this is what we have seen in any medium of hardcore game, be it online or physical, and witnessed in game releases events worldwide, see images and try to look for women: 

We should rather be in favor of inclusion, after all, 34% of the public matter much, but complain that focus sometimes is to the male audience, is simply ignore the facts, history and reality, which seems to be even more male than shown in researchs. 
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